FPL offers tips for customers to prepare for hurricane season
May 31, 2024
An FPL lineworker stands in a bucket truck, looking up as the bucket is raised

Ahead of the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, which begins tomorrow, June 1, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) is ready for a potentially active season and encourages customers to prepare their homes and businesses as well. 

How FPL prepares: FPL works year-round to ensure the energy grid is better prepared for extreme weather conditions, while also equipping its team with the necessary resources and rigorous training to help them respond quicker.

Strengthening the grid: While no electric grid can be stormproof, customers have benefited from FPL’s significant investments to upgrade and harden the poles and wires that serve them. This ongoing work, which has resulted in reduced outage times and helps communities get back on their feet faster following severe weather, includes:

  • Strengthening main power lines that serve critical community facilities and services.
  • Proactively relocating neighborhood power lines underground – which perform significantly better during severe weather – through the Storm Secure Underground Program.
  • Managing thousands of miles of vegetation to minimize a leading cause of outages – trees making contact with power lines.
  • Installing more than 215,000 intelligent devices along the electric grid, helping avoid over 600,000 power outages during the past two storm seasons.

A message from FPL President and CEO Armando Pimentel: “FPL is ready for the 2024 hurricane season. We prepare by strengthening the electric grid to better withstand severe weather and by training our team year-round to ensure we are ready to respond when the next storm comes our way. Just as we’re prepared, we urge all our customers to take steps now to prepare their families, homes and businesses.”

Next steps and preparation tips: Customers can visit FPL.com/Storm for tips and resources as they finalize their emergency plans. Plan ahead for potential outages during severe weather.


  • Hiring a licensed vegetation management professional to trim trees near power lines.
  • Reviewing manufacturer instructions for testing and operating any generators.
  • Downloading the FPL mobile app to stay informed (In the App Store or Google Play, or text the word “App” to MyFPL (69375).

Stay connected throughout storm season: