Beware of Scammers: FPL uncovers new tactic targeting customers’ internet searches for FPL
Scam also poses threat to other companies’ customers
March 6, 2024
Screen of possible scam victim

The latest: FPL recently identified an emerging scam. In a recent tactic, scammers are exploiting internet searches (i.e., Google search) for our FPL customer service number and website. In addition, this scam is likely impacting customers of other companies.

Why it matters: To avoid falling victim to a scam and identity theft, Floridians should take care to ensure they are communicating and transacting with FPL and/or its authorized agents – not imposters. We have confirmed that there are numerous phone numbers online that attempt to lure victims by falsely claiming to be connected with FPL. To reach FPL by phone, it’s always best to call the number at the bottom of your FPL bill, which may vary depending on where you live.

Also, FPL will never request payment via a text. We do not accept payment in the form of prepaid cards, gift cards, cryptocurrency or wire transfers through services such as MoneyPak, Zelle, Cash App or Venmo. If you receive a call, text or email directing you to pay your FPL bill with one of these forms of payments, it is a scam. Our approved methods are listed on