Update on Broward County Nursing Home
September 13, 2017

Issued: September 13, 2017


We extend our deepest sympathies to those who lost their loved ones. Because of the current investigations associated with these tragic events involving the nursing home, we are limited in what we can say. 


What we know now is that a portion of the facility did, in fact, have power, that there was a hospital with power across the parking lot from this facility and that the nursing home was required to have a permanently installed, operational generator.


In March, we met with Broward county officials to identify top critical facilities that require priority power restoration. While this nursing home was given a level of priority, in working with county officials, other critical facilities, such as hospitals and 911 centers, were identified as higher priorities.


As we emphasized before, during and after Hurricane Irma, we urge our customers who have electricity dependent medical needs, and who don’t have power to call 911, if it is a life-threatening situation.


In addition, we urge customers in this situation to check availability of local special needs shelters.