Nothing is scarier than wasting electricity on energy phantoms!
October 30, 2012


FPL offers kids Top 10 Tips to Fight Energy Phantoms lurking in homes this Halloween

Florida Power & Light Company doesn’t want its customers to get spooked by energy phantoms creeping around this Halloween. In fact, the company has many ways to help shed light on these unwanted energy consumers.

Phantom energy, or phantom load, is electricity consumed by an electrical device when it is in the “off” mode. Many electronic items are in “standby” mode when turned off, helping them turn on faster or respond to a remote control. Power adapters, such as cell phone chargers, are also powered whenever they are plugged in. This is why they feel slightly warm even when there’s no device connected. Also, anything with a lit digital display uses a tiny bit of power, even when not in use.

“While FPL customers have the lowest electric bill in Florida, we’re committed to helping them and their families manage the energy they use every day,” said Craig Muccio, FPL Energy Expert. “Halloween is a perfect time to teach kids how they can rid their homes of these scary energy-phantoms.”

Top 10 Tips to Fight Energy Phantoms
  1. Unplug your charger when you’re not charging your cell phone
  2. Turn off electronics, like the radio, TV, computer and video games, as well as lights and ceiling fans when you leave a room
  3. Keep windows and outside doors closed when the air conditioning is on
  4. Open curtains so you can use the sunlight during the day
  5. Use a small lamp when you read or study at night
  6. Use the microwave to warm up food instead of the stove
  7. Decide what you want from the refrigerator before opening the door
  8. Turn off the dishwasher before the drying cycle to let the dishes air dry
  9. Take short showers so you’re not using as much energy to heat water
  10. Ask your parents to replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights
There are other tips that can help you reduce the amount of electricity you may not realize you’re wasting, find out what they are at,