FPL’s Turkey Point Plant to Help Power Economic Recovery in Miami-Dade County
January 23, 2012

As 5,000 new contractors begin work at FPL’s Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant, local officials herald a revved up economy powered by clean, affordable energy and the people who help FPL create it at one of the company’s two nuclear power plants.
FPL has brought in thousands of new temporary, contract, and permanent workers to Turkey Point to upgrade the plant.  They will perform what's called a "nuclear uprate" - enhancing equipment to improve the plant's efficiency. The project has created 5,000 temporary jobs for workers who are slated to pump an additional $11 million into the local economy each month. 

“This uprate is the type of project that will have long-term positive effects for our economic recovery, which is the reason I am here today,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez. “Collectively the new workers will spend close to $11 million per month in the local economy and that means they’re staying in local homes and hotels, and that means they’re eating at restaurants owned by our neighbors, and that’s exactly the kind of economic development and growth we need during these times in Miami-Dade County.”
This project will serve as an economic engine – driving an influx of new dollars into the local economy and generating work for 5,000 people in a region where unemployment is higher than average.

“The project is already having a positive impact – I’ve gotten a job and it looks like my husband may be fortunate enough to be offered a job here as well,” said new FPL employee Michelle Cruz. “It’s definitely a great thing for us.”

What’s more, the plant uprates and improvements will put more money in customers' pockets, too.   

“Investments like those FPL is making at Turkey Point keep FPL’s residential customer bills the lowest in the state of Florida and a full 25 percent below the national average.  In fact, our investments in Turkey Point and a similar plant in St. Lucie County are expected to save our customers more than $4.8 billion compared to  fossil fuel costs over the projects’ lifetimes,” said Pamela Rauch, FPL vice president of development and external affairs.

At Turkey Point, FPL is not just working towards a healthy economy, but is also working to support a healthy environment. With upgrades and replacements implemented, the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant will reap an additional 15 percent capacity, equivalent to the annual usage of approximately 271,000 residents. The added capacity for clean, renewable energy will reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 30 million tons – as much as removing 180,000 cars off the road annually.