FPL’s President Armando Olivera Honored as Utility CEO of the Year at Solar Power International 2011
January 23, 2012

FPL’s President Armando Olivera Honored as Utility CEO of the Year at Solar Power International 2011
In November, FPL President and CEO Armando J. Olivera was honored with the Utility CEO of the Year award at 2011 Solar Power International (SPI).

SPI is North America’s largest and most comprehensive solar power trade show and conference, and is sponsored by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) and the Solar Energies Industry Association (SEIA.)

In making this distinction, SEPA noted that FPL has built more solar power than any other utility in the U.S.

“2011 has been a watershed year for the addition of solar electricity onto the grid thanks to leadership, creative thinking and collaboration from all corners of the utility and solar industries,” said Julia Hamm, president and CEO of SEPA, the educational and non-profit organization.

Regarding Olivera, Hamm said, “Armando J. Olivera personifies these qualities better than anyone, and is an outstanding example of a leader who understands the vital and ever-growing role utilities play in expanding US solar markets.”

FPL’s parent company, NextEra Energy, Inc., is the largest generator of solar power in the United States today. The company co-owns and operates seven solar plants in California, and in Florida, has moved swiftly in recent years to construct three large-scale solar energy facilities – all of which are in operation today generating emissions-free energy for FPL customers.

These facilities include what at the time of its dedication was the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in the country, as well as the world’s first hybrid solar energy center. The three solar facilities created more than 5,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction, all of which was completed ahead of schedule and more than $100 million under budget. Over the plants’ 30-year operating lives, they will allow FPL to reduce the fossil fuel burned by an estimated 51 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 1 million barrels of oil. This will prevent the emission of more than 3.5 million tons of greenhouse gases, the equivalent of removing 25,000 cars from the road every year for the life of the projects.

“At FPL, harnessing the sun’s energy and believing in the value and promise of renewable sources of power is an important part of who we are,” said Olivera.
”Our goal at FPL is not simply to participate in the move toward renewable sources of energy – it is to help lead the way,” he said. “As part of our commitment to leadership, we want to serve as a model and a source of inspiration to other energy companies – not just in Florida, but across the nation.”
Olivera told participants at SPI that growing solar energy in Florida – and helping the Sunshine State live up to its name – will require legislative and regulatory support. He said FPL is prepared to increase its solar capacity literally fivefold, and will continue working to encourage state leaders to help move these plans forward quickly.