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FPL customers urged to take advantage of increased energy conservation incentives, new programs starting this month

Nov 6, 2006

JUNO BEACH, Fla. -- Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) urged customers today to take advantage of significantly increased incentives and new programs that go into effect this month.  The energy conservation initiatives are aimed at helping control energy use and costs.  FPL’s increased energy incentive plan approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC) demonstrates the company’s commitment to partner with customers in energy conservation and cost control.

“We are committed to partner with our customers any way we can to help them control their electric bills,” said Marlene Santos, vice president of customer service for FPL.  “We want to give customers every tool possible to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient.”

Programs with increased incentives and new programs available starting Nov. 1 are as follows:

  • Residential Building Envelope -- An increase in the maximum incentive for ceiling insulation will more than double from $131 to $352.   The maximum incentive for reflective roofs increases more than 50 percent --- from $240 to $367 per participant.  In addition, FPL added an incentive for light-colored roof membranes and reflective roof coatings with a maximum of $1,200 per participant.
  • Residential Low Income Weatherization -- There is an increase to the maximum incentive for air conditioning maintenance from $35 to $45 per participant.  In addition, there is now an increase in the maximum incentive for weather stripping and caulking from $10 to $60.  An additional $25 per participant was added for replacing room air conditioners with higher efficient units, further increasing incentives for this program.
  • Business Building Envelope -- The program now offers window-related technologies such as energy-saving window tinting as part of the business envelope program.  Increased incentives for ceiling insulation ($185/kW max); roof insulation ($219/kW max); reflective roofs $(579/kW max); and window treatments ($429/kW max) add extra value for business customers.
  • Business Efficient Lighting -- Your company can become more energy efficient while improving light quality and output. When you upgrade your lighting, FPLwill pay 65¢ to $2 for linear fluorescent lamps.  

In addition to the programs now available, these new programs will be offered starting Feb. 1, 2007:

  • Business Water Heating program -- This new energy conservation program applies to the installation of qualifying heat recovery units or heat pump water heater equipment.  The maximum incentive is $881/kW.
  • Business Refrigeration -- Refrigeration can be one of the largest users of electricity for a business customer.  That’s why FPL will offer this new program that pays a maximum of $80/kW for the installation of qualifying controls and equipment that reduces electric strip heater usage in refrigeration equipment. 


Programs that have been available or increased in incentive dollars since Sept. 1 are as follows:


  • Residential Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) -- Earlier this summer the PSC approved an increase in the incentive per participant for upgrading air conditioning units to more energy efficient equipment that will increase the average incentive more than 50 percent --- from $260 to $400.
  • Business HVAC -- Approved earlier this year, this program added incentives on new air conditioning technologies such as Demand Control Ventilation.  Incentives for Direct Expansion (DX) air conditioners, chillers, energy recovery ventilators, thermal storage and more will offer large increases in incentives that will as much as double.

FPL continues to offer residential duct system testing and repair, the BuildSmart® program for new homes built with energy efficient features and equipment, and residential energy conservation services such as online home energy surveys.  Business customers are encouraged to continue to take advantage of FPL’s free business energy evaluations.

In addition to increased incentives and new programs customers will soon benefit from lower fuel costs.   FPL has recently revised its 2007 fuel cost forecast with the PSC to reflect a drop in natural gas and oil prices in 2006 and 2007.   Even so, the company still urges customers to take control of their energy use as a measure to control the bill.

“As we head into cooler weather, many customers will feel the need for heating during Florida’s winter cold snaps.  So, it’s still important to be aware of your energy use during the cooler months to avoid higher electric bills,” said Santos.

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