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B-roll: FPL Cold Weather Tips

Stay Warm and Save Energy When the Temperatures Dip with these tips:

Make your home work smarter, not harder, to keep you warm

  1. Set and keep your thermostat at 68 degrees. Every degree above 68 can add up to 10% in heating costs.
  2. Avoid changing your thermostat by more than two degrees at a time. This helps prevent backup heating elements from coming into play.
  3. Keep your water heater temperature at 115 degrees to still provide plenty of hot water.

Get creative with ways to stay warm

  1. Use electric blankets or a heated mattress cover to your advantage as these are more cost effective than heating the entire home. Most importantly, use these safely and avoid running cords under your mattress.
  2. Let the sun in during the day by keeping your south-facing windows open for natural heat.
  3. Be mindful when using portable space heaters by only using them to heat small areas.
  4. Reverse the setting on your ceiling fans to push warm air down.

Time for a home check-up

  1. If you have an older home, consider reviewing your insulation and crawl space. Proper floor and attic insulation, along with tightly sealed windows and doors, are critical to keeping warm.
  2. Clean or replace your air conditioner’s filter every month to trim your heating costs and help your unit run more efficiently.
  3. Consider upgrading your heating systems with heat pumps to warm your home more efficiently.

Find more tips to lower your energy bill this winter at FPL.com/waystosave

B-roll: FPL Cold Weather Tips

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