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Updated Satellite Coordinates for Interview Opportunities


Satellite SES-3 (Ku-band)

Transponder:  22

Location:  103° West

Bandwidth 36 MHz

Downlink Frequency:   12144.5 MHz

L-Band Frequency:  1394.5 MHz

Polarization:  Vertical

Service/Program: Channel #5 (MicroHD5)

Modulation:  DVB-S QPSK

Data/Mux Rate:   5 Mbps

FEC:  3/4

Symbol Rate:  20.0 MS

Format (HD/SD):  HD

Compression (MPEG2 or MPEG4):  MPEG-4

Chroma:  4:2:0

Two channels of audio (128 Kbps MPEG-1, layer 2)

Video is 720p MPEG4-HD

Video PID: 1922

Audio PID: 1923


Uplink Name and Contact Information: 

Microspace – Network Control - 919-850-4503

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