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FPL plans to offer business customers Sunshine Energy

Oct 24, 2006

JUNO BEACH, Fla. --- Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) received approval today from the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) to offer business customers its renewable energy offering called Sunshine Energy®.  Business customers will be able to enroll in Sunshine Energy® as early as April 2007.  The program will be an extension of the successful renewable energy effort for residential customers that enrolled more than 26,000 participants since the program launch in 2004. 

“Customers have told us they like being able to support renewable energy initiatives.  Sunshine Energy® is available for those customers who have said they would like to be able to support renewable energy sources such as biomass, wind and solar power,” said Marlene Santos, vice president of customer service for FPL. 

Business customers will be offered the option to pay an additional $9.75 each month, which ensures that an additional 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of power will be generated from clean sources in Florida and other states. By participating in Sunshine Energy® for just one year, a customer makes it possible to prevent the emissions equivalent to driving a car almost 9,000 miles.

Sunshine Energy® also helps make the development of new solar energy facilities in Florida a reality.  For example, FPL has committed to install 150 kW of solar for every 10,000 residential customers who sign-up for the program. Because of customer participation, the largest solar energy facility in Florida is already becoming a reality at Rothenbach Park in Sarasota.  Recently, a smaller project was announced at the Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium.  To learn more about Sunshine Energy® visit  www.fplsunshineenergy.com

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