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Resolve to manage money more efficiently in 2008

FPL billing and payment options can help customers keep New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Dec 19, 2007

JUNO BEACH, Fla. –  Lose weight.  Learn to say “no.”   Spend more time with family and friends.  These are popular New Year’s resolutions. And while Florida Power & Light Company may not be able to help its customers achieve all of their goals, it does offer a variety of billing and payment options to help them better manage their bills and become more financially fit in 2008.

Most financial experts encourage their clients to understand where their money is going, where they want it to go, to save more and reduce debt.  One of the first action items the experts recommend is tracking spending.  FPL’s billing and payment options can help customers do just that, helping them stick to their New Year’s resolution to better control electric bills. The following programs will simplify bill payments and help with budget planning:

  • Avoid surprise spikes. FPL’s Budget Billing® program evens out energy costs over the course of the year so that customers pay about the same, averaged amount each month. Although not a savings program, Budget Billing is a great way to take the guesswork out of your electric bill and when you know what to expect each month, you can budget your household’s monthly expenses accordingly.
  • Never be late again. By setting up FPL’s Automatic Bill Pay® program, utility bills are paid by automatic withdrawal from your bank account so that your bill is paid on time, every month, with minimal effort on your part. Participants still receive a monthly statement for review and record keeping purposes, but don’t need to worry about missed or late payments. Not to mention it saves time and money on postage costs and check writing.
  • Receive your bills online.  Participants in FPL’s E-mail Bill® program receive their bill electronically each month, making it easier to access payment history and track monthly expenditures. And since 85% of identity fraud occurs off line, receiving and paying bills electronically is more secure than paper billing. It also helps conserve resources by eliminating paper waste.  

“We recognize that our customers lead busy lives,” said FPL Customer Service Vice President Marlene Santos. “Juggling family, work, finances and other responsibilities can be a lot to handle. But by managing their electric bill with Budget Billing, we can help them plan and stick to a yearly budget, and hopefully achieve more peace of mind. In addition, over 500,000 of our customers have both automated their bills and arranged to receive their bills online, which further simplifies their busy lives.” 

Customers can enroll for any of these free programs online at www.FPL.com.  

Florida Power & Light Company is the principal subsidiary of FPL Group, Inc. (NYSE: FPL), nationally known as a high quality, efficient and customer-driven organization focused on energy-related products and services. With annual revenues of nearly $16 billion and a growing presence in 27 states, FPL Group is widely recognized as one of the country's premier power companies. Florida Power & Light Company serves 4.5 million customer accounts in Florida. FPL Energy, LLC, FPL Group's competitive energy subsidiary is a leader in producing electricity from clean and renewable fuels. Additional information is available on the Internet at www.FPL.com, www.FPLGroup.com and www.FPLEnergy.com

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