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FPL’s Summer Savings Tips: Save $250 per year with simple ‘do-it-yourself’ home energy fixes

The first day of summer is June 20, marking the beginning of potentially sweltering Florida temperatures that can reach into the triple digits. Summer is also the time when Floridians’ air conditioners run more often and longer to cool homes, a major factor than can drive up energy bills. FPL offers customers a few simple ideas to reduce energy costs in the summer months without compromising comfort.


“FPL residential customers have bills that are the lowest in the state and 25 percent lower than the national average, but in the summer, we know customers are looking for ways to keep them under control,” said FPL energy efficiency blogger Danielle Mousseau.  “When it comes to energy efficiency, a little goes a long way and there are several no-cost or low-cost measures we suggest that can add up to big savings.”

Mousseau recommends the following year-round tips that can help reduce summer energy costs, and collectively, can save customers $250 a year.

  • Consider raising the temperature on your thermostat, even if only by one degree
    • For every one degree increase in temperature, you can save about 5 percent on your monthly cooling costs.
  • Cut down on hot water usage by replacing old showerheads with water-efficient models
    • This swap could save up to $80 a year on energy costs
  • Try reducing the water heater temperature by 20 degrees
    • Lowering from 140 degrees to 120 degrees can save about $60 a year
  • Be sure to turn off the fan when leaving a room
    • Stopping one ceiling fan from running all the time could save about $85 annually on energy costs
  • When using the washing machine, use cold water instead of hot
    • It could save about $40 a year
  • Upgrade to an Energy Star-rated computer and monitor
    • This energy saver can help save approximately $20 a year
  • Enroll in the FPL On Call Program
    • Save up to $137 a year by enrolling and in return participants agree to let FPL occasionally turn off pre-selected equipment, for short periods of time, only when absolutely necessary

At www.FPL.com/toolkit, customers can view tools and information to help them understand, control and manage bills including top 10 energy-saving tips, aninteractive house with energy-saving tips room by room and information on savings when purchasing a new air conditioning system. Additionally, customers can get a personalized energy savings plan by completing an Online Home Energy Survey at www.FPL.com/ohes.

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