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FPL Restores Power to 120,000 Customers as Gordon Heads Northeast

Sep 18, 2000

Florida Power & Light crews worked through the night to restore the 120,000 customers that were affected by Hurricane Gordon. By 8:30 a.m. Monday morning, only 800 customers in the Sarasota area were without power. FPL expects to have all outages caused by Hurricane Gordon restored by late morning.

"FPL is very appreciative of the patience and understanding our customers demonstrated during the restoration process. We take great pride in the tremendous effort that our employees are giving while working in challenging conditions," said Armando Olivera, senior vice president of power systems. "We regret any inconvenience to our customers caused by the storm."

FPL expects a small number of outages to be reported this morning as businesses that have been closed all weekend reopen. "It is possible that a small number of outages will be reported," said Mr. Olivera. "We will repair these as quickly as possible."

FPL practices storm restoration throughout the year and was able put its emergency preparedness plan into action quickly, especially as strong feeder bands from the storm suddenly struck the southern Gulf Coast area.

"The work we've done during the past couple of years to improve reliability has clearly paid off. I am very proud of our dedicated focus to serving our customers," said Mr. Olivera.

"We thank all of our customers who have aided the restoration efforts with their cooperation and understanding. It took the efforts of 3,000 people working system-wide throughout FPL service area," said Mr. Olivera. In addition to restoration workers in the area, FPL moved 700 company workers, contractors and line-clearing personnel to the Manatee-Sarasota area from the East Coast.

"We responded to more than 28,000 calls to our Customer Care Center in the aftermath of the storm. We take all calls seriously, and each was important. It is our mission to restore service as quickly and safely as possible," said Mr. Olivera.

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